Summer List Things to Do

I just don't want to lose a single day of summer. They are too few, too precious. While school is important, I may be the only mother who feels it robs me of family time. My sister-in-law inspired me to create this list.  

Another summer day

Sunday was spent at Conimicut Point Park. We combed the beach for seaglass, it was plentiful.  Madeline has it sorted into jars. The plan is to save bits all summer and on some cold winter day we will bring back some sunshine by making glass jewelry. Clever girl. 

We also spent some time at the beach, an hour or so.  Alex was tired, so he sat with me on the blanket and we sang songs while the girls swam. A good day all around.   This is Alex last night.  

 WHY! Why do my videos come out sideways?  Yes, I will work on this. Meanwhile... it's a topsy turvy story.  


It's summer

It's summer. I do not think I have posted since March, since Paris. All I can say is, three children keep me busy. Very, very busy. Perhaps I will recount the last few months later-- days of school work, two vacations, lessons, housework, but for now, let's begin with the present.

Friday we took off to the little nearby town beach. It was nice to sit by the water and watch three kids get along. After not too long a stay, they began to grow bored and we decided to leave.  On the way home I was asked if we could stop at Iggy's Chowder House.  

For you non-New Englanders, chowder (or Chowda as we like to call it) is the epitome of local seafood fare.  It's simply wonderful, made from fresh local clams with potatoes and celery in a clear broth. (And don't you dare add tomato juice-- we are not manhattenites!) If you absolutely must add cream, we'll allow it... but clear chowder is the true New England standy-by.  

Iggy's is famed, acclaimed, and much revered all over our little state. So, of course I said yes. 

Actually, I said, "Yes, if the line isn't too long."   It's true, this little place is so popular the lines often wrap around the building and down the road on summer days. An hour-plus wait just to place an order is still worth it. 

Lucky us, minimal line. We got our fill of Iggy's goodness; local cream soda, chowda, clamcakes, and most unusual my kid's decided to try a BLT and loved it.  Yeah... that's my favorite sandwich.   They actually asked me if it had dressing on it.  Funny question you may think, but that's because I don't buy mayo.  My husband insisted on (gag!) Miracle Whip when we first got married. It was one of the biggest sacrifices of my marriage, but blessed be me, I let him have it.   (Steve's menu preferences would make a marvelous post- another day.) 

After Iggy's, I decided to check out the old Rocky Point Park grounds.  Rocky Point park was established in the 1840s, one of the earliest amusement parks in the country. It went out of business in the 1990s due to the greed of a few... It was a great loss for Rhode Island... you can read about it here Rocky Point

The city recently acquired the bay front land from developers and has at last reopened it to the public. It was a real blast from the past to walk that way again.  I told my girls lots about the old park and they, typical of them, got a little carried away imaginatively... and created a bit of Scooby-Doo spookiness about it. I guess a park that closed.......... TWENTY. YEARS. AGO. 
.... is ancient, and thereby must be haunted. Of course. 

We picked Tiger Lilies on four foot stalks which I mistakenly called Snap Dragons.  Alex would not hold them because, "I doan wanna them to bite me."  They are beautiful and they grace my kitchen right now. 

I got lots and lots of pictures. It was a great day with great kids and absolutely just what we needed after our long winter and wet, wet spring.