Go with the flow

  It seems my life just has a natural flow to it, and things just fall into place. I'm lucky this way, because I often just fly by the seat of my pants. I expect things to work out, and they do.

 I have wanted to buy Alex a power wheels car for his birthday.  He has one- his sister's old Barbie Jeep. It is pretty small, and I painted it black and orange last summer to make it okay for a boy, but it is truly on it's last legs.  The thing is, they are really expensive and we have this big vacation coming up so I am trying to watch what I spend. 

 My eldest had a sleepover last night, and my middle one was feeling left out. She talked me into going to Walmart... which I totally did not feel like doing.  When we got there, they had not one, but two, Power Wheels marked down... they had been the display. When I saw the price, it was easy to say, "SOLD!" 

 I got him a wonderful truck, regularly $350, for $150 bucks... and it is compatible with the battery we already have so...bonus! ...instant back-up.  It felt so good, like a lucky day.  I wanted this thing for him so badly, and it just fell into my lap at a price I could deal with. 

  Right place, right time. It happens a lot to me. I wish the same for everyone!