Summer List Things to Do

I just don't want to lose a single day of summer. They are too few, too precious. While school is important, I may be the only mother who feels it robs me of family time. My sister-in-law inspired me to create this list.  

Another summer day

Sunday was spent at Conimicut Point Park. We combed the beach for seaglass, it was plentiful.  Madeline has it sorted into jars. The plan is to save bits all summer and on some cold winter day we will bring back some sunshine by making glass jewelry. Clever girl. 

We also spent some time at the beach, an hour or so.  Alex was tired, so he sat with me on the blanket and we sang songs while the girls swam. A good day all around.   This is Alex last night.  

 WHY! Why do my videos come out sideways?  Yes, I will work on this. Meanwhile... it's a topsy turvy story.