I'd like to eat too.

  Some days- No, most days, I eat standing up at the kitchen counter.  By the time I get food served onto plates for the kiddos, I barely have time to take a bite before the, "Mommy, I need" and the, "Mommy, get me" begins. 

 Two finicky girls, a finicky husband, and a toddler who eats on his own schedule don't make the family dinner special in our house, but I do think it is typical for the modern mom. No candles, no table cloth, paper towels instead of napkins most times, paper cups too; it's all a matter of inconvenience just to try to get everyone to eat at the same time. And, I might add, I am not a great cook so I rely heavily on prepared foods.  Yep, I am one of those moms.  

  Tonight I am sitting down eating Ramen noodles an hour after the kids have had their dinner.  By the time I got past  getting one milk, getting one juice, cleaning the little man's  mac and cheese from the floor  ("Mommy, I dropped my soup," he says like it's a game),  filling his "baby juice" bottle with OJ (the only beverage he will drink right now), fetching a spoon for the one who won't eat noodles with a fork, getting the butter, and the "Mooom, I need the salt too"--   You get the picture, by the time I have the requests completed, my food is stone cold and I've only managed three bites from my plate as I run back and forth from counter to table to fridge to counter to cupboard to table to--  Where Am I?      Right. Dinner is over, and I am sitting here with fried noodles that microwave in three minutes.   

  One daughter is doing homework, one is playing piano.  The little man is asleep on the couch behind me.  I am sitting here, saying Hello to you.  Saying Hello and eating my 30 cent noodles.  And, you know what?  They're good.  The rush and hassle of my family dinner hour?  All good. 

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