Youtube, you complete me

I don't know how we manage to keep up with changing technology. I have boxes of photos from when Madeline was a baby. That was just 11 years ago, but I was taking roll after roll of print film to be developed. We had a video  camera too, but it took small cassettes and though they have been converted to DVD-- even that is becoming quickly obsolete.  When Sophia was born, we upgraded our technology to the new "mini" cassettes, now also obsolete.  And, of little Alex, I have videos on Facebook, though very few. 

Call me old fashioned, but I love paper. I love books, I love photographs.  Looking at a digital image is no substitute for flipping through stacks of old pictures or albums.  I try to get prints made regularly, I really do.  But, it takes time I do not always have.  Does anyone else do this anymore?

Recently I have acquired a new video camera, an SD card one. I have a youtube account. My current method is to upload camera or phone videos straight to youtube.  Youtube can be the keeper of my kin, my memories.  How long before youtube becomes obsolete too?  A while, I hope.

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